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Tom Hundley's HVAC Legacy

How it all began...

Tom Hundley Heating & Cooling Company LLC is a business built by family tradition. As a fourth generation mechanical contractor, Tom knows the value of hard work and determination by witnessing it first hand with both his father and grandfather. In 1930, his grandparents, Thomas and Maycel Fitzgerald, established Fitzgerald Plumbing, Heating and Supply Co., Inc. in Charleston, West Virginia where it is still in operation today under Tom's uncle John Fitzgerald. When Tom's father, Carlisle Hundley, married his mother, Anna Marie Fitzgerald, Grandpa Fitzgerald took Carlisle under his wing and taught him the trade. Carlisle (or "Corky," as everyone called him) was highly ambitious and motivated, absorbing everything he could within the business. Eventually, Corky would form his own company, Furnace Care of Charleston, WV where, as a young teenager, Tom traveled with his dad to job sites and adopted his father's drive, principles, and work ethic. He learned first-hand that a man could make a good living to provide for his family under America's free enterprise system.

Following the untimely deaths of his father, Corky, his mother, Anna Marie and Grandpa Fitzgerald, Tom began working at Fitzgerald's. He soon met and married his wife of 39 years, Pam Sellers-Hundley, and worked full-time while training through technical school 5 nights per week. He couldn't have done this without the generous financial help and support of his Uncle John. In 1979, during the same week Tom and Pam welcomed their first child (Thomas) an opportunity was given to Tom to work for the TRANE Company. This enabled him to begin specializing in more commercial and industrial site jobs and, while his skills were quickly becoming fine-tuned, the Hundleys added son Benjamin to the family in March of 1981. A few short months later, Tom and Pam together established Air Care Heating & Cooling Co. of Charleston, WV and the business took off immediately.

The fall of 1983 brought about great change to the Hundley family when Tom acted upon his strong desire to go to Bible school. With the boys at ages 4 and 2, Tom and Pam pulled up their roots, packed their belongings and made the thousand-mile journey to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Rhema Bible Training Center. In a strange twist of fate, however, he was offered a job as Rhema's head of HVAC operations due to his experience and knowledge of TRANE equipment and systems. For the next two years, Tom worked full-time for the ministry, attended (and later graduated from) Tulsa's Victory Bible Institute in the evenings, and began doing 'side jobs' for co-workers and new-found friends. At first he took the jobs on as favors, but it was soon realized that a legitimate business was in the works. So, in January of 1990, following the birth of their third child (daughter Natalie) Tom Hundley Heating & Cooling Company was born as well (which became an LLC in 1995). 

Tom Hundley Heating & Cooling Today

Tom Hundley Heating & Cooling has been truly blessed. Today, our employees as well as our customers are considered "family" as we understand that this is a business built not only on service, but on relationships. Tom Hundley Heating & Cooling, LLC stands for excellent and honest work, and those principles are reflected in the satisfaction of our associates and clients. The journey continues for the Hundley family as daughter Natalie, son Benji, and Benji's wife, Heather, work side-by-side along with Tom and Pam to provide the Tulsa-metro area with outstanding HVAC service. We are proud of and grateful to the many customers who have allowed us to serve them.

As we look to the future, we see a great deal of opportunity and potential for further growth. Although we specialize in providing service, repair and installation of all types and brands of HVAC equipment to residential, commercial and industrial clients, you can be sure that we will continue to place the greatest importance on customer service, top-quality workmanship and supplying second-to-none high performance and energy efficient TRANE parts and equipment.
"I replaced a 16 year furnace and 2 year old compressor and condensing unit with a new Trane 16 SEER unit. Tom did a great job bidding and following up on his bid. He was able to offer me a 16 SEER 4 ton unit for less than a 14 SEER taking into account federal and local rebates. His workers arrived promptly. They were courteous, kind and respectful of me and my home. They worked very industriously to change out my HVAC and did a super job in the process. My new unit is not only more energy efficient but very quiet in its operation. I am extremely pleased with the work performed and the willingness to compete for my business. I would highly recommend Tom and his team to anyone wanting to upgrade their system."
~ Tim J. - Tulsa
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